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The most radical thing artists can do? Show art, like Denver’s Leisure

Ignorance from the public has hurt Denver’s creative culture. The young and creative have contributed to the genuine richness of this city but their...

Cannupa Hanska Luger: “Weaponizing the privilege” of being an artist at CVA, RedLine (and...

Cannupa Hanska Luger plays down the moment when he became a famous artist. After all, the 39-year-old reasons, he has been making art for...

Derrick Velasquez frames a crisis of housing, and conscience

From freshly bulldozed lots to towering cranes, Denver is home to a growing chasm between what’s needed (affordable housing) and what’s increasingly offered (luxury...

Roni Horn has her own way of seeing Clyfford Still. It’s different.

Roni Horn is the latest guest curator for the Clyfford Still Museum's Artists Select series.

Can artists fix technology?

We need artists — with their rich understanding of the ways objects and ideas can impact thinking and behavior — to lead the way in the production of technology to ensure the algorithms we code reflect standards of beauty; standards of morality; and standards that protect from bias and censorship.

The Danger of Desirable Objects

Exhibits of work by Adam Milner and Jenny Morgan say as much about the artists as they do the art world

Design: The Aurora shooting, how do you build a monument to bad luck?

This is the great challenge for the proposed memorial to the 2012 Aurora movie theater shootings, which bears the burden of defining the unusual event for eternity.

Q&A: Joel Swanson and Adam Milner talk “Desirable Objects”

Adam Milner has a solo show at David B. Smith Gallery entitled Desirable Objects, which is open through July 22. Originally from the Denver area,...

Gildar Gallery: Who owns blackness, and who can sell it?

“I can own my blackness, my queerness, and my womanhood, and you can buy it,” Balkissoon writes in her statement.

Remington to Ruscha: DAM’s Western show ambitious, painfully self-aware

The show honors Western art and film for its beauty, but calls out its exaggerations, fabrications, sexism, racism, homophobia, nationalism and various other crimes against nature.

If art cost less money, would people buy more of it?

The opportunity comes via “So Wrong It’s So Right,” an experiment where local creatives are testing the gallery system to see how well they can do without dealers.

Q&A: Artist Derrick Velasquez opens a gallery in his basement

Simply put, the most radical thing one can do in this current economic and political state is present opportunities for artists to show their work.

The Venice Biennale, not quite as far away in 2017

it’s a sure success for Black Cube, a pay-off for some genuine ambition in service of Denver and its artists, and an incentive for future ambitious moves.

Zach Reini Ain’t Got No Type

The Thing his work does – that most work he co-curates at Leisure does – that is sort of the hallmark of all contemporary art of a generation.

Why I rarely make serialized work

However, there can be many dangers to turning your studio into a factory. First, is monotony.

Elissa Auther: “Feminism” is back, and ready to party, at MCA

How feminism went from a political commitment that people made fun of, or derided, to something that was suddenly very hip.

Q&A: Caleb Hahne talks about the time Matisse stopped by

Artist Jamie Knowlton is currently showing her work at Derrick Velasquez’s basement gallery in West Denver. But she lives in Portland, which just happens...

Just what kind of photographer is “Get Out’s” Chris Washington?

If in action movies an actor needs to be able to “handle a gun,” the same is true of actors handling a camera, and only a few of them ever meet that challenge successfully.

Vibrant, hedonistic, exhilarating: Ryan McGinley’s youthful rampage at MCA

McGinley’s images are vibrant, hedonistic, and often exhilarating. In the words of curator Nora Burnett Abrams, they are “a celebration of independence without responsibility”

Cortney Lane Stell: Blowing up the art gallery

As the curator heads off for a showcase of Colorado artists in Venice, she chats about her working philosophy and reveals her plan to exhibit art in cars