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This is the kind of show museum directors get fired over

The exhibit’s centerpiece, Dáreece Walker’s in-your-face drawings, impart a bold heroism on those who strike back at law enforcement.

Immersive 2019: The more you touch at “Touch,” the better

Viewing art in a gallery can be like visiting friends in prison. You can get so close, see them and hear them, even feel the...

Who owns art? A sensational debut, a lingering question

Diego Rodriguez-Warner’s “Honestly Lying” at the MCA Denver is a dazzling museum debut by a young artist in his own hometown. The work on...

Made in Colorado: How the West is One

The exhibit, “Made in Colorado” starts off with a curious, and somewhat ominous, video by artist Tobias Fike. “When I’m Gone” depicts a man, dressed...

The Art of Recent History: 50 Artists Recall Women’s March

The exhibit “Pink Progression” is more colorful than its name implies. Yes, there is lots (and lots) of pink on the walls, with nearly...

2×2 X 100,000: Andi Todaro Q’s Jonathan Saiz about “Utopia”

Intro: I looked around my home - littered with about a hundred décor-type sentimental objects: lots of art, some gifts, and a fair few things...

Photography: Exploring the complicated history of segregation

America’s history of racial segregation is a perplexing thing to sort out. It has come and gone and come again, and in so many...

DAM’s Degas blowout demotes ballerinas, elevates process

“Degas: A Passion for Perfection” is a blockbuster show in spite of itself, a must-see that does its homework and serves up plenty for others.

This exhibit asks: How Mexican are you? And how American?

Who you are depends on where you are, and a wall dams off the natural fluidity of dual allegiances.

Updating the Western way, slowly, romantically

Western art has a very specific audience - and it spends money. The Coors exhibit has raised hundreds of thousands for charity.

Good move: Denver promises $300,000 to support D.I.Y. spaces

The City of Denver put some actual cash where its mouth is today, promising $300,000 to help so-called D.I.Y. art spaces get up to...

At the MCA, a daring show (but a glaring question around gender)

Of the twenty five artists in the show, three are women.

Quick take: “Axis Mundi” sprawls across Curtis Park

“Axis Mundi,” various locations Artist Regan Rosburg deserves echoing cheers for curating the sprawling “Axis Mundi.” She asked artists to make work around issues...

Hotel Born: Not your usual $700,000 art purchase

The 2010s will, no doubt, go down as a golden age in Denver art, powered by a downtown construction boom not seen here in a century.

Cannupa Hanska Luger: “Weaponizing the privilege” of being an artist at CVA, RedLine (and...

Cannupa Hanska Luger plays down the moment when he became a famous artist. After all, the 39-year-old reasons, he has been making art for...

Roni Horn has her own way of seeing Clyfford Still. It’s different.

Roni Horn is the latest guest curator for the Clyfford Still Museum's Artists Select series.

The Danger of Desirable Objects

Exhibits of work by Adam Milner and Jenny Morgan say as much about the artists as they do the art world

Design: The Aurora shooting, how do you build a monument to bad luck?

This is the great challenge for the proposed memorial to the 2012 Aurora movie theater shootings, which bears the burden of defining the unusual event for eternity.