Will Photography Survive Its Art-Historical Karma?

What photography did to painting oh-so-many years ago, it’s now suffering itself next to the infinite scrollability of the internet

The most radical thing artists can do? Show art, like Denver’s Leisure

Ignorance from the public has hurt Denver’s creative culture. The young and creative have contributed to the genuine richness of this city but their...

Why you should be following Black Cube (and here’s the 2017 lineup)

Black Cube's list of 2017 artist fellows is out and it has some familiar names, plus a few folks who promise to make it a very interesting year in Denver and beyond.

After 20 years of trying, Christo cancels Colorado river project

Christo keeps his decision to cancel the controversial "Over the River" project brief. He is simply done. Here is the official statement: “After pursuing Over The...

Can artists fix technology?

We need artists — with their rich understanding of the ways objects and ideas can impact thinking and behavior — to lead the way in the production of technology to ensure the algorithms we code reflect standards of beauty; standards of morality; and standards that protect from bias and censorship.

Design: The Aurora shooting, how do you build a monument to bad luck?

This is the great challenge for the proposed memorial to the 2012 Aurora movie theater shootings, which bears the burden of defining the unusual event for eternity.

4 things the city really needs to say at Wednesday’s meeting on art spaces

The situation went from tragic to dramatic last month when the artist-run space Rhinoceropolis was abruptly shut down for code violations, sending its residents to the streets on one of the coldest days of the year.

Is fruit really that sexy?: Loving the art, loathing the artist statement

      I have been asked to write statements for my art exhibitions for over forty years, and they keep getting shorter and shorter, which exasperates...

The top 10 (plus a few more) art exhibits of 2016 in Colorado

The best shows have to resonate communally; to speak directly to the moment, expose new talents, show off unknown capabilities of existing institutions galleries. It has to be important beyond the walls that contain it.