Scott Young’s tale of love and demise in the digital age

K Contemporary’s inaugural show, “GAS LIGHT LOVE BOMB,” by Scott Young, is a precisely controlled look at volatile love in the digital age.

Esther Hz in performance, filling our need for a shamanic angel

Artists like Esther Hz are the shamanic angels our era desperately needs.

At the MCA, a daring show (but a glaring question around gender)

Of the twenty five artists in the show, three are women.

Will Meier on the rhythms of Extra Vitamins

  Note: Extra Vitamins is the multi-disciplinary creative studio of Julia Belamarich and Kyle Warfield. The Denver duo is known for producing everything from experimental...

GEORGIA Art Space: There and gone, but a sign of good things to come

I’m talking about GEORGIA Art Space, a one-weekend-only pop-up gallery inside of Sommer Browning’s detached garage. A few miles away sat the recreated contents of her garage in the established gallery Counterpath, formerly a garage.

The Venice Biennale, not quite as far away in 2017

it’s a sure success for Black Cube, a pay-off for some genuine ambition in service of Denver and its artists, and an incentive for future ambitious moves.

The 6 Coolest Things Coming Up (Like, starting tomorrow)

Internationally cool Ana Teresa Fernández at DAM, Wednesday, May 3 Artist Ana Teresa Fernández is best-known for creating installations that have her painting over sections of the...

The first five shows you should see in 2017

  2017 has started and you should, too. Here are five interesting choices.   Les Petites Choses, Through Feb. 24, Processus. We see a lot of “miniatures” shows...