Who owns art? A sensational debut, a lingering question

Diego Rodriguez-Warner’s “Honestly Lying” at the MCA Denver is a dazzling museum debut by a young artist in his own hometown. The work on...

Knockout! Jeffrey Gibson swings at Native American invisibility

Twentieth Century pop pulses in the background of “Like a Hammer,” an exhibit of Jeffrey Gibson’s recent work now at the Denver Art Museum.

The Art of Recent History: 50 Artists Recall Women’s March

The exhibit “Pink Progression” is more colorful than its name implies. Yes, there is lots (and lots) of pink on the walls, with nearly...

At the center of Yoshua Okón retrospective, a piece whose bite is worst than...

How shall we look today at Yoshua Okón’s video of two dogs fucking? Perhaps, most fairly, from a dog’s point of view.

2×2 X 100,000: Andi Todaro Q’s Jonathan Saiz about “Utopia”

Intro: I looked around my home - littered with about a hundred décor-type sentimental objects: lots of art, some gifts, and a fair few things...

Breakable: At 808 Projects, a ceramic, subversion of masculinity

One way to view Dini Dixon’s art is to assume that masculinity, enthralled as it is in its own preening, muscular, bold performance, is a stable identity, and one ripe for a playful dressing down.

DAM’s Degas blowout demotes ballerinas, elevates process

“Degas: A Passion for Perfection” is a blockbuster show in spite of itself, a must-see that does its homework and serves up plenty for others.