Zach Reini Ain’t Got No Type

The Thing his work does – that most work he co-curates at Leisure does – that is sort of the hallmark of all contemporary art of a generation.

Why I rarely make serialized work

However, there can be many dangers to turning your studio into a factory. First, is monotony.

Elissa Auther: “Feminism” is back, and ready to party, at MCA

How feminism went from a political commitment that people made fun of, or derided, to something that was suddenly very hip.

Just what kind of photographer is “Get Out’s” Chris Washington?

If in action movies an actor needs to be able to “handle a gun,” the same is true of actors handling a camera, and only a few of them ever meet that challenge successfully.

Vibrant, hedonistic, exhilarating: Ryan McGinley’s youthful rampage at MCA

McGinley’s images are vibrant, hedonistic, and often exhilarating. In the words of curator Nora Burnett Abrams, they are “a celebration of independence without responsibility”

Cortney Lane Stell: Blowing up the art gallery

As the curator heads off for a showcase of Colorado artists in Venice, she chats about her working philosophy and reveals her plan to exhibit art in cars

Molly Bounds and the aesthetics of imperfection

There’s an interesting sort of honesty here, where true stories of real people are highly abstracted to their most basic representation.

The 6 Coolest Things Coming Up (Like, starting tomorrow)

Internationally cool Ana Teresa Fernández at DAM, Wednesday, May 3 Artist Ana Teresa Fernández is best-known for creating installations that have her painting over sections of the...

The first five shows you should see in 2017

  2017 has started and you should, too. Here are five interesting choices.   Les Petites Choses, Through Feb. 24, Processus. We see a lot of “miniatures” shows...