What my phone saw: A public download of 2016’s favorite pics

  • Shenanigans. Party. Denver. MCA.
  • Edwin Schlossberg install, Wells Fargo Center. Corporate, but in all the right ways (active, aware, expensive). Stop in.
  • If you take a photograph of someone else's photograph, then whose photograph is it? Marilyn Minter, MCA.
  • Photo evidence of how badly 2016 sucked. Artist Lonnie Hanzon's installation for Pridefest 2016. For 2015, he had made a giant wedding cake celebrating marriage equality.
  • Matthew Weiderspoon at Fort Collins' Lincoln Center. Something between architecture and drawing.
  • The post-RiNo world? Opening event for Con-Cept in Commerce City, which hopes to be an affordable studio community for priced-out Denver artists.
  • Joey Cocciardi. Tree detail. Gildar Gallery.
  • Chad Person turns your favorite icons against you. This is from a survey at RedLine. Black Cube-curated.
  • Element House, MOA's New Mexico experiment.
  • No one talked about anything other than this in 2016. Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, NM.
  • Olympic spirit.
  • Triangle Building. Denver infill done right.
  • Most photographed piece 2016. Scott Young, Rule Gallery.
  • Docents are just waiting to answer your questions at MUAC in Mexico City. Just ask.
  • When you are a rich and successful artist like Anish Kapoor, you can use all the wax you want to make your installation. This was at MUAC, too.
  • Ana Maria Hernando at the CU Art Museum. If you went there, you spent a lot of time.
  • Judith Godwin finally getting the attention she deserves at DAM's Women in Abstract Art. Too little, too late.
  • The Museo de las Americas' retro of Edgar Flores (he goes by Saner). The most overlooked show of 2016 here.
  • Michael Grave's design for the Denver Public Library gets better all the time.
  • Rexford and Sharon Brown invented RiNo 25 years ago. Now they are its guardians.
  • Philly's folk-art nod to its indisputable Italian greatness. Do not argue.
  • Guard. DAM. Bored.
  • A final shot of painter Vance Kirkland's perfectly preserved studio before it was dismantled for a move.
  • Cristobal Gracia's evolved "French fry" concept from the Biennial of the Americas. On display in Mexico City about 6 months later at Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil.
  • Beautiful monster. This is Santiago Calatrava's transit station near the World Trade Center site in NYC. We kicked this guy out of Denver, remember?
  • Couldn't show the exterior of Calatrava without showing the inside. Over-the-top as ceilings ought to be.
  • Watts Towers, maybe the best piece of public art in the U.S. Take this detour next time you are in L.A.
  • Mario Rivoli saved every scrap that entered his life for years and turned it into a massive autobiography. Detail here.


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